Great Sandy Biosphere

The Great Sandy Biosphere has more marine and fish biodiversity than the entire Great Barrier Reef. The calm and protected waters of the Great Sandy Strait are a major breeding ground for oceanic turtles and the seagrass beds also support significant dugong populations in this designated sanctuary. Rare Indo Pacific Humpback dolphins inhabit these waters and curious Humpback whales stop to play during their annual migration. For everything you ever wanted to know about the Great Sandy Marine Park

Flora And Fauna: Within the Great Sandy Biosphere, there are 7558 recorded species of flora and fauna including many rare, threatened, endangered and vulnerable species, along with 49% of Australia’s bird species. Tall forests, fragrant wildflower heaths and paperback swamps decorate the sands on the Cooloola Coast. Take a close look at a unique collection of spectacular native wild flower species along an informative walk in Tin Can Bay. In summer, feast your eyes on the rich red and yellow flowers of black bean trees and vivid orange flower spikes of silky oaks at Glastonbury Creek North West of Gympie.

Noosa Biosphere

“Noosa Biosphere Reserve. The boundaries of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve are those of the Noosa Shire, extending from Peregian Beach in the south to Kin Kin in the north, and from neighboring townships in the western hinterland to Noosa’s eastern beaches. The Biosphere Reserve’s 875 sq. km. includes farms, towns, bushland, national parks and reserves, coastline and much of the Noosa River catchment. The Biosphere Reserve also extends 3 km offshore covering a stretch of ocean that complements its estuarine lakes and rivers.

The Biosphere Reserve status provides a renewed focus for Noosa’s aspirations for a sustainable future: the community working together to build healthy people and a healthy place, underpinned by research and shared learning. The Biosphere concept is also strongly focused upon ensuring that our natural environment is valued, conserved & enhanced. 

Great Sandy Biosphere