Real Exp Adventure

Adventure can be found everywhere, from beneath the water, on the water, on land or in the air.  With Mary Valley Country being acknowledged as the last natural playground in South East Queensland, it adds to the rich choices of adventure found on the Cooloola Coast.

From the air, skydiving, paragliding, or joy flights are on offer; underwater, diving and snorkeling certainly provide excitement; on the water there is swimming, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, waterboarding, jet skiing all of which are bound to be exhilarating On land other activities include rock climbing, sand surfing, horse riding, cycling or mountain biking and hiking.  These are just some of the adventures you can find in the Gympie Cooloola region.

Beach Fishing: Rainbow Beach,Cooloola Coast

Beach fishing is one of the great natural attractions of Rainbow Beach and the Cooloola Coast. Beach fishing has unlimited scope with nearly 100 kilometre of beach to choose from. Beach fishing yields dart, whiting, flathead, bream and tailor. For the rock fishing enthusiast there are some big catches to be had off Double Island Point such as mackerel and kingfish. Excellent reef fishing is only a few miles off shore and charter trips can be arranged. The reefs off Rainbow yield red emperor, sweet lip, snapper, pearl perch, parrot and coral trout.

Four Wheel Driving: Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Great Sandy Straight

The beach highway to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island starts just north of Noosa with spectacular scenery on the way to the Double Island Point Lighthouse. Head inland to explore four wheel drive tracks through the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park.

Take in stunning coastal views of the Coloured Sands and Carlo Sandblow as you continue north along the beach to Rainbow. Then continue on to Inskip Point where you can camp on the beach.
The beach highway continues up the eastern side of Fraser Island. Take the ten-minute vehicle barge trip over to the island to experience the rare beauty of the world’s largest sand island. Fraser lends itself to camping, swimming, canoeing, nature walks, and many photo opportunities.

Sky Diving: Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach offers one of the best skydiving experiences in Australia. And it’s no wonder. The flight takes in unmatched views from Fraser Island over Inskip Point, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point and that’s all before you jump. It’s sensory overload while freefalling until the parachute opens and you have a chance to take it all in.

Para & Hang Gliding: Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is one of the top spots in Queensland to hang glide and para sail. There are many safe launch pads and landing zones. Once you have taken your first tandem flight, you will be impressed how easy it is to escape your daily routine.

Scuba Diving

Wolf Rock, a formation of four volcanic pinnacles is rated as one of Australia’s top ten dive spots. Plunging to a depth of 40 metres, it is excellent for multi-level scuba diving. See Trevally, Grey Nurse sharks, Gropers and Manta Ray.